Bryde at Latitude 2018

Bryde at Latitude 2018

artist coaching

Most people working in music will tell you, in this ever-changing industry there’s not really one best way to do anything.

For over fifteen years I’ve been self-releasing (Paper Aeroplanes and Bryde), releasing through indie labels, promoting shows for myself and others and now releasing other artists via my own label, Seahorse Music. I've been asked for my advice over many years and this has become so frequent that I decided to offer coaching.

If you’ve read any of the super useful free emails sent out by the likes of Sentric, AWAL and MusicGlue, you’ve been to a few conferences (check out From Me To You and Fast Forward ) but you feel that advice more specific to your project would be useful, then I’d love to help. If you’d like to set up a one-to-one discussion either via Skype or in person (in London), starting at the price of a piano lesson, then please get in touch.

Sometimes its nice just to double check you’re on the right path and as a musician myself I know how valuable every penny is to a release campaign so we’ll only offer a session if we feel we can be useful.


Get in touch for more info on things we could help with: